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 About me

"Where I see weeds, you always see wildflowers"

~Adam Kondraciuk, My Husband


Through my work with paint, I learned to notice everything around me with a different eye. I started to see colors, light, shadows, even darkness with more awareness than ever before. That awareness led to expansion into other artistic mediums including photography.


To bring out the many hidden qualities of a subject, I study it, enlarge it, sometimes even take it apart. Shadows, depth, texture…all a little elusive at a quick glance, jump right out when saturated with color.


Using my passion for color and light as a fundamental basis toward a deeper exploration of art, I am expanding mediums to include photography, pencil, pastel and mixed media and continuing to explore many formats for bringing color and light to my work both as an expression of life and understanding of self. 


The support of my family continues to provide inspiration to live authentically and follow my own ambitions.


~Member of local Cultural Arts Advisory Board.


~Past President of local artist group dedicated to the enrichment and expansion of the arts in and around the city and nurturing and supporting local artists.

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Email:                                            Phone: 248-773-9915

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